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monsooncuisine-07Due to the wide varieties and exclusive food preparation styles, Indian dishes have obtained enormous reputation all across the globe. This specific cuisine offers not only delicious dishes but also various delightful desserts. The reputation has certainly affected several Indian non-alcoholic drinks because of their exclusive tastes. The Western Indians generally love their candies while the Eastern Indians are fond of their non-vegetarian dishes. On the other hand, the consuming routine of the Northern Indians are completely different from those in the south.

Indian regions can be generally separated into Southern, Northern, Central, Western and Eastern. Amazingly, every region has its distinctive specialty. Local meals contain candies, Indian veggie and non-vegetarian recipes, drinks, snacks and chutneys. Indian delicacies are well-known among residents and people from other countries for its powerful taste from the spices that are used in the recipes. The powerful, delicious taste is what makes Indian delicacies exclusive. The usual diet includes meat, often game meat, but they use veggies and fruits as well. When belief systems such as Hinduism and Buddhism grew in Indian, vegetarianism became frequent and prospered.

The Indian delicacies also differ from one area to another. That is due to the fact there have been plenty of factors which shaped the progress and record of the Indian delicacies, based on the area. There are different local Indian recipes. Factor which affected the Indian delicacies is the investors as well as the tourists that passed through the area. Those who ruled affected Indian delicacies as well. Apart from that, their spiritual beliefs have also significantly affected their food preparation.

The Goan recipes have a certain combination of Colonial and Southern Indian dishes. In Goa, consuming beef and chicken is allowable, unlike in the rest of the Indian states. Veggie recipes are also typical Goan meals. Their recipes often include spices and coconut milk.

monsooncuisine-06Some of the well-known Punjabi recipes are tandoori chicken, naan, parathas, Aloo Tikki, makke di Roti, and some other recipes. Their delicacies often contain onions, tomatoes, turmeric extract, mustard, cumin, garlic, cow ghee, cinnamon and ginger.

Tamil Nadu delicacies offer one of the most well-known regional dishes in the country. Their recipes are known for their powerful taste and aroma because of the herbs they use such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper and cloves. The Southern Indians also use fish, root tubers and coconut milk in their food preparation.

Bengali Food was affected by both the Western Bengal communities and the Bangladeshis. This type of delicacies often consists of dals, fish, and egg recipes as well as vegetable curry. Bengali meals has a distinct bold taste as they use different spices such as cinnamon, cilantro, cardamom, cumin and garam masala. One more spice often used here is mustard seeds. Bengali meals taste lighter than the typical Indian meals.


The Indian delicacies are widely known for their powerful taste and powerful aroma due to the variety of natural herbs that they put in their recipes. The Indian delicacies also differ from one area to another. That is due to the fact there have been plenty of factors which [...] Continue Reading…


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